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5 Best Tips for Writing IGNOU Assignment to Score High Marks

    If you are planning to write IGNOU assignments for scoring 90+ marks, then we will share 5 Tips for Writing Quality IGNOU assignments for scoring good marks. Before that, some basic points you need to keep in mind:
    First: Submit Handwritten Assignments well on time.
    Second: Submit the Handwritten Assignments not for getting pass marks, but for scoring high marks.
    When to Submit Handwritten Assignments at Study Center?
    There are two sessions in IGNOU.
    1. January Session
    2. July Session
    Exam for January session is conducted in December and for July session the term end exam is conducted in June.
    1. Students, whose IGNOU term end exams (TEE) will be conducted in June, need to submit their handwritten IGNOU assignments at by or before 31 March.
    2. Students, whose term end IGNOU exams (TEE) will be conducted in December, need to submit their handwritten assignments by or before 31 March.
    Alert: Never wait for the last day to submit your assignment. It is good to finish writing your assignments well on time and submit the well written IGNOU assignment before the last date.
    5 Best Tips for Writing IGNOU assignments
    5 best tips for Writing IGNOU assignment for good marks ignoubaba how-to write
    Dear learners, if you ask me how many marks I scored out of 100. I would proudly say that I scored 96 out of 100 some years back and believe me I had no one to guide me.
    So, here we are sharing the best five tips for writing IGNOU assignments which will bring you good marks.
    The five tips are:
    1.  Choose the right Paper/Sheets, Pen and Colour Pens for writing IGNOU assignments.
    2.  Make the right choice while choosing the Material, Books, References and Solved Assignments for writing answers of your IGNOU assignments.
    3.  Write your IGNOU assignment answers in a mannered way with Proper Pagination, Word Limit and Paragraphing.
    4.  Your IGNOU assignment Cover Page will have all the required information and Question Paper be attached with your assignment.
    5.  Written assignments be in proper Files with good binding and there be a timely Submission of assignments.
    Confused? Keep reading for the detailed tips:

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