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Rate & Charges

The purpose of is to provide low cost and best quality study material and solved assignments to the students of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

We provide soft copy (PDF Document) as well as Hardcopy (Handwritten Copy for submitting in study centre) of IGNOU Solved Assignments.

The Rates and Charges for IGNOU Solved Assignments are:

PDF (Soft Copy) Solved IGNOU Assignments

All the assignments solved by experts working with are well prepared. Their efforts are priceless but we don’t burden students with extra charges and earn profit from them. So we focus on low rates for these solved assignments in order to meet the expenses of web maintenance and internet surfing charges. 

The soft copy (PDF format) of solved assignments may be free or premium, depending on the expenses during solving the assignment. Usually our solved assignments have a fixed rate per copy. The price may vary from time to time and subject to subject. You have to check the price before ordering any solved assignment or study material in the description section of the product.

Third Party Solved Assignments
But the rate of solved assignments provided by third party is set by the provider. So the solved assignments by third party may vary in rates and charges. 

Hard Copy (Handwritten IGNOU Solved Assignments)

The IGNOU assignments consume a lot of time to solve and write them by hand. So we charge a minimum amount of ₹950 per assignment with extra postal/shipping charges. 

Delivery of IGNOU Solved Assignments

Soft Copy (PDF IGNOU Solved Assignment)

The soft copy (PDF) of Solved IGNOU Assignment will be delivered to the email address or WhatsApp Number of the student provided during checkout after  the successful payment for each course. 

Hard Copy (Handwritten IGNOU Solved Assignment)

The handwritten solved IGNOU assignment will be delivered to the physical address provided during payment. The delivery may take one day or one week depending on the service of Indian Post. 

For any query, you may “contact us”.